Borrow Tech Gear

The summer Semester laptop waitlist is now open!

JPL= John Peace Library
DT = Downtown Library
AET = Applied Engineering and Technology Library

Category Title Check-out Time Location Request Item


Financial (TI & HP available) 4 hours jpldt
Four-function calculators 4 hours jpldt
Graphing (TI available) 4 hours jpldt
Scientific (TI & Casio available) 4 hours jpldt
Scientific (TI-30XS Multiview) 1 semester jpl


iClicker + 1 semester jpl
iClicker 2 1 semester jpldt

Laptops and Accessories

Dell Docking Station 24 hours jpl
Dell laptops 24 hours jpldt
Dell Laptops (Semester Loan) 1 semester Request Item
Dell power adapters 4 hours jpldt
Drawing Tablet (Wacom) 24 hours jpl Request Item
External Drive (read/write) 24 hours jpl Request Item
Mac USB-C Hub 4 hours jpl
Mouse (USB & wireless) 4 hours jpldt
Webcams 24 hours jpldt


Laptop (Magsafe1, Magsafe2, USB-C, HP, Surface Pro) 4 hours jpldt
Phone (Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-C) 4 hours jpldt
Power Bank 4 hours jpl


Allen wrench sets (Metric and English) 4 hours jpl
Bow Compass 4 hours jpl
Cartman 180 piece tool set 4 hours jpl
Compass 4 hours jpl
Desk Lamp 24 hours jpl
Drawing Supply Box (highlighters, sharpie, colored pencil, scissors) 4 hours jpldt
Dry Erase Markers 4 hours jpldt
Protractors 4 hours jpldt
Rulers 4 hours jpldt
Safety, Noise cancelling Ear Muffs 4 hours jpl
Tape measure 4 hours jpl
White board 4 hours jpl

Assistive Devices

Keyboard 4 hours jpl


Auxiliary Cables 4 hours jpldt
Ethernet cables 4 hours jpldt
Extension Cord 4 hours jpl
HDMI (Mac 4k & VGA adapters available) 4 hours jpldt
HDMI to Mini HMDI 4 hours jpldt
Mini USB to USB 4 hours jpldt
Power strip 4 hours jpl
USB extension 4 hours jpl
VGA (adapters available) 4 hours jpl

Presentation Equipment

Bluescreen 4 hours jpl
Cell phone filming kit 24 hours jpldt
Digital projector 4 hours jpldt
Projector Screen 4 hours jpl
Ring light 24 hours jpl
Voice Amplifier 4 hours jpl
Voice recorder 4 hours jpldt

Media Players and Accessories

Boom box 4 hours jpldt
Canon Camcorder 24 hours jpl Request Item
DSLR Camera 24 hours jpldt Request Item
DVD/VCR combo 4 hours jpldt
GoPro 24 hours jpl Request Item
Headphone Splitters 4 hours jpl
Headphones (iPhone adapter available) 4 hours jpl
Headsets with microphone 4 hours jpldt
JVC Camcorder 24 hours jpldt Request Item
Lapel Mic 24 hours jpldt Request Item
Media card reader 4 hours jpl
Merge AR/VR Goggles 2 weeks jpl
Microphones 24 hours jpl Request Item
Portable DVD & Blu-ray players 4 hours jpldt
Samson Metoerite USB Mic 24 hours jpldt Request Item
Tripod 24 hours jpldt Request Item
Turntable 4 hours jpl
TV Monitor 24 hours jpl